John Oliver Discusses Online Harassment

John Oliver, the host of HBOs “Last Week Tonight” has spoken out on the serious problem that is online harassment and how authorities are unequipped to deal with it. Women have bore the brunt of this problem basically since the internet has been publicly accessible and John discusses the laws, or lack thereof that would either prohibit such acts or at least offer the victims some form of reasonable legal recourse. Online harassment we have learned, does not just have an effect on ones online experience but as we have seen in recent times it can effect peoples day to day lives and even their jobs.

In recent times some countries and one or two states in America have brought in laws against one form of online harassment know as “revenge porn” with England and Wales imposing a 2 year prison sentencing. It’s a step in the right direction but the rest of the world still needs to step up to try to make the internet a safer place. Take a look at what John has to say


Conor John

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