People Exercise Less When They Eat ‘Fitness’ Snacks

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA) people who are trying to either watch or lose weight are often times drawn to ‘fitness branded’ snacks. This comes as no surprise as these ‘restrained eaters’ are constantly thinking about their weight and try to make more health conscious food choices. However in the study conducted by the AMA these ‘restrained eaters’ who buy these fitness snacks tend to eat a lot more of them and exercise less, almost using them as a substitute for exercise at times. This results in frustration for people as they try to lose or keep their weight down.

They also found that the snackers would typically exert less energy during their workout or exercise periods. This combination of two factors would result in a lot of frustration for consumers as they fail to reach their goals. In weight lose and maintenance the most important thing is diet, however in consuming an excessive amount of these snacks, a lot of which are actually higher in sugars than regular snacks, people are lulled into a false sense of security. This false sense of security became evident when their ‘post-consumption’ exercise patterns were studied.

In light of this new information there are a number of ways to correct this false representation or understanding of health and fitness, the study concluded with the authors saying:

“It is important that more emphasis be placed on monitoring fitness cues in marketing. For example, a brand could offer gym vouchers or exercise tips instead of just implying fitness via a label or image. Reminding the consumer that exercise is still necessary may help counteract the negative effect of these fitness-branded foods”

So when trying to lose weight, try not to get caught up in the newest product. Instead of reaching for a cereal bar grab a banana or grab water or milk over isotonic drinks. By changing these habits a lot of people will start to see more consistent results.


Conor John

As a graduate of Computer Science I have a very keep interest in technology and try to stay informed on as much as I can. I have also always been interested in science, mainly biology, nature and health. I hope you enjoy my articles.