Adidas Makes Shoes Out Of Ocean Garbage

There could be a good use for the garbage collected by The Ocean Cleanup project as Adidas has made shoes out of just ocean garbage. In an effort to raise awareness about the extensive pollution that our oceans take as a result of our life styles Adidas have made these, actually pretty cool looking shoes from ocean garbage. This is currently only a concept design with no release date but if large companies such as Adidas were to take the torn and begin to make their products from recycled materials it would go  long way in our effort to curb pollution.

The current problem, Boyan Slat of the Ocean Cleanup project has said, is that too much of what we consume is made to be used once and thrown away. Larger appliances that are made to last a couple of years are fine, but too much of what we dispose of in everyday activities just ends up in the worlds oceans. He maintains that a lot of what the Ocean Cleanup mission collects can be used to make other products and with Adidas making waves in this manner he has only been proven to be right.



Conor John

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