Google Release the Science Journal App

As part of “The Making & Science initiative”, Google have released the Science Journal App which turns your Android phone into a Science Lab. Using the built in sensors of the phone, the app allows you to record decibel levels, lighting levels and even use external Arduino sensors to collect data, while making notes and collecting pictures. The app allows you to view the collected data in visual graphs over the period of time it has recorded for. This could come in very useful in High Schools/Second Level Schools or even College Courses.


The release of this app alongside the “The Making & Science initiative” is hoping to get the youth interested in science a little more and from a younger age by giving them the resources they need to get started at their fingertips, and hopefully distract them from Snapchat. Having one central location for all your observational data was a genius move by Google and we look forward to seeing how they continue to develop and enhance the features of this app. And who knows what extra functionality may emerge with the release of the Aria Project and modular phones. Check out the Science Journal on the Play Store.

Conor John

As a graduate of Computer Science I have a very keep interest in technology and try to stay informed on as much as I can. I have also always been interested in science, mainly biology, nature and health. I hope you enjoy my articles.

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